Show: Boys Don't Cry

Composer: Mateo Lewis

Basement Productions (August 2018)

Performance Medley

Songs: "Why" from tick, tick...BOOM! (Jonathan Larson), "All For the Best" from Godspell (Stephen Schwartz) (feat. Evan Sokolowski), "Disappear" from The Burnt Part Boys (Nathan Tysen & Chris Miller)

ABC Theatre Pub (November 2017)

How Far I'll Go the Distance

"How Far I'll Go" from Moana (Lin-Manuel Miranda) and "Go the Distance" (Alan Menken & David Zippel)

Arranged by: Peter Mundell

 Statler's SINGular Sensation (October 2017)

Poppa Santa Claus

Show: A St. Clair Christmas

Artist: Bing Cosby & The Andrew Sisters


St. Clair College Productions (Dec 2015)

Feat. Tanner Homonko, Elena Holowitz, Amy Holden, Keigan Wemp


Show: HAIR

Composer: Galt MacDermont

Book: James Rado and Gerome Ragni

KordaZone Theatre and Cardinal Music Productions (Sep-Oct 2015)